Today’s training has been at a whole other level, as we’ve been part of a full exercise with the local coastguards.

This exercise involved:

  • Launch of both boats – the Margaret and John Pulfer and our smaller Tornado.
  • Locating a casualty at the bottom of the cliffs (round at Fairlight).
  • Rescue and recovery of the casualty.
  • Liaison with the coastguards – and exercise debrief afterwards.

Working with the coastguards:

Photo opps were limited to the base-side of the cliff:

Getting launched …

Off to the rescue …

Returning from the task … and recovery of the boats (always a vital aspect of every launch) …

Once the crew had returned and both shore and boat crew were debriefed by PLIRB’s Darren, as well as the coastguard team, the exercise was declared a success by the visiting observer from the national coastguard.

But of course, despite the success, plenty came out of the exercise in terms of learning for all boat and shore crew volunteers, so there’ll be plenty more practice like today’s in the future. Watch this space!