Supporting the Community – Riding for the Disabled

This weekend saw us out and about again having fun supporting a local charity that’s close to our hearts – the local branch of Riding for the Disabled.

The local RDA group had planned an exciting Doggy Extravaganza event for Sunday 22nd September 2019. This was held at their regular riding venue, the beautiful Fairlight Hall. And, because the Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat team’s BBQ skills have been popular this summer, we were asked to bring up our BBQ and our smiles to help support the fundraising. So of course we jumped at the chance to support this great cause.

Of course Sundays are busy down at the boathouse, but enough volunteers were around on the day to allow for some of our boat and base teams to be busy down at the boathouse with the usual training and equipment maintenance, whilst others were up at the Doggy Extravaganza. Some of the team even did aspects of both events as they ferried tables, gazebo and of course the BBQ back and forth.

Our stand certainly proved popular and we had a great time. It gave us a chance to not only be involved in the event, but also to spend time with volunteers from another charity. Our ‘Come and Chat to Us’ sign was also in play, giving us the chance to sell a couple of pieces of our own merchandise. And of course the main purpose, raising funds for the RDA with a bit of BBQ and banter was also successful. Our stand certainly seemed popular – especially our veggie option this time around. Although we don’t know how much was raised yet, we’re hoping that plenty of vital funds have been raised for RDA. Thanks so much for inviting us!

Want to support a local charity?

If you’d like to know more about the work of the local Riding for the Disabled at Fairlight Hall, please check out their website here.

If you’d like to know more about volunteering with Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat – whether for boat, base or BBQ, please contact us or come down to see us at the boathouse of a Sunday morning! You’ll be very welcome. 

Migrant beach landings – support to Border Patrol & Police Services

On Tuesday 10th September, volunteers at the Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat took part in a situation which was more of a support rather than a ‘Shout’ response.

As such, this incident didn’t involve our boat crews or vessels in a water-based rescue task. Instead, volunteers from the team supported other emergency services who were tasked with dealing with migrant boat landings on local beaches.

The incident took place during the afternoon, when Police and Border Force teams attended Pett Level to deal with a situation of an illegal boat landing on local beaches. Because the situation was in a very close vicinity of the PLIRB base and boathouse, PLIRB volunteers supported emergency service colleagues by opening up the boat house and lookout.

The venue and facilities were then used as a temporary base for our service colleagues to manage the situation from, with the PLIRB team on hand to provide equipment and refreshments as required to everyone who was in need of this.

The BBC later attended the situation, along with local journalists. The incident has since been reported in the local Rye and Battle Observer.

Meanwhile, Back on Dry Land, Supporting SRUK

The summer’s not just been a busy time for PLIRB volunteers as a whole – for long-serving PLIRB member Jo Barry this summer’s been all about meeting an individual challenge too. 

Across the summer Jo’s been a key player in all of the PLIRB’s own community efforts – both in offering community support as events and in being an active part of the organisation and on-the-day presence at our community fundraising events. In between, she’s also been actively out on the boat in response to a recent Shout, as shown in the photos below …

As well as all of her PLIRB work and the day job, Jo’s been in serious training for the #ThamesBridgeChallenge which took place on Saturday 7th September.

As part of the challenge, Jo and her team of ‘Mat’s Babes’ walked the 25km route across London, and crossing 16 of the capital’s bridges. In doing so, Jo’s been raising money for Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK – the only UK charity supporting individuals with Scleroderma and Reynauds.

Jo’s been actively supporting this charity for many years, and you can read why on her Just Giving page.

As the photo shows, Jo and the team were determined to make a success of the day and they certainly have! Her page has so far raised over £600 and is still actively taking donations, so if you’d like to take a look and perhaps donate, it would be very welcome and well received.

Jo does so much to support the efforts of the PLIRB and it’s great to be able to share her own efforts to support a cause close to her heart and we wish Jo every success in her fundraising efforts for SRUK. If anyone else would like to additionally support us to support her by sharing her Just Giving page, that would be much appreciated, thank you.