It’s time for an update on the Surviving Christmas collection point at the Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat base.

The good news is that our boat house has seen quite a few extra visitors over the Sundays in November as we attempt to support a charity that does great work in the local area. We’ve been offering our services as a drop-off point for donations of provisions for Surviving Christmas and we’re glad to reveal that, as our collection is being picked up on Sunday 8th December, we’re now also going to be open for donations on Sunday 1st and up until about 10.30 on Sunday 8th December.

Helping us support a charity – and fill up our collection box!

Surviving Christmas sets out to provide festive cheer to individuals and families struggling with hardship by distributing provisions and festive fayre. There are several collection points across the local Rother area, as mentioned when we announced that the boat house was going to be a collection point throughout November. But the great news is that if you’ve been meaning to donate some provisions but haven’t had the time, then it’s still possible to do so. The success so far of our Pett base as a collection point shows that goodwill is abundant in the area and that having a closer-than-Hastings collection point is useful not only for the Pett community but also for Surviving Christmas.

Food item donations are welcome, but please remember that these need to be non-perishable and should have a Best Before date which lasts throughout the Christmas and New Year period. Types of items you might want to bring are shown on the image below which is from the Surviving Christmas website.


So just to remind you, you’ll be welcome to drop off suitable items on:

  • Sunday 1st December – from 9.00 – 12.00
  • Sunday 8th December – from 9.00 – 10.30 approx.

As the donations to us are being collected on Sunday 8th December, if any company or group would like to come down with a significant donation for Surviving Christmas, this would be most welcome on this day as we won’t have a problem storing it. It also means that you’ll have the chance for a photo opportunity with us for your social media.

It’s great to work together with the community to support a charity that works so hard in the local area over Christmas and thank you once again to everyone who has contributed to this.