Our first night launch training of the season took place on 21st November.

Weather conditions were good, cold and dark (a necessary part of the training), but with a brilliant moon and starry sky helping conditions to feel eerily well-lit.

The evening’s training had been planned around a training scenario of searching for a missing person along the Winchelsea Beach stretch of the coast. Established crew, along with boat and base trainees were kept busy in all aspects of search and rescue, and shore protocol – radio, coordinates and location, as well as helm practice and night-search logistics. 

Although the night was successful, it’s essential to practice in all types of light and weather conditions. But as well as the conditions, the scenario is also an important one, as we’ve had several recent incidences relating to persons missing around the beach area. With this being such a common call out for us, it’s essential to incorporate this type of situation into our training sessions so we’re hoping to schedule another night training session for next month.

And of course all training is vital practice for all members of our crew, including those who are fairly new to us. If you’re interested in joining us as a volunteer, please contact us or pop down to see us during our Sunday morning training sessions.