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We’re happy to use our website to share our photos of who we are and what we do, but please respect the fact that the copyright for these images belong with the Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat and those who have taken the photos for us.

Our photographs are protected under Creative Commons Licence. However, if you would like to use any of our photographs, please contact us to see if the image you require can be used in exchange for a donation. Thank you.

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Pett Level Beach ~ added to regularly:

Pett Beach

Crews in action ~ added to regularly:

[April 2018] Low-tide launch:

[April 2018] Stretcher to the boat:

[April 2018] Casualty retrieval:

[May 2018] High-tide launch:

[May 2018] Coastguard exercises ~ launch:

[May 2018] Coastguard exercises ~ 2:

[May 2018] Coastguard exercises ~ recovery:

[May 2018] Shingle ridge launch:

[May 2018] ‘Crabbing’ the tractor’:

[May 2018] Sailability Saturday ~ Crew launch

[May 2018] Sailability Saturday ~ Rye Harbour:

[May 2018] Hazard removal:

[May 2018] Training: Casualty Retrieval #1

[May 2018] Training: Casualty Retrieval #2

[May 2018] Training: Casualty Retrieval #3