Our recent spell as a collection point for Surviving Christmas has now come to an end … but we managed to achieve our aim of a brimming box of goodies!

We’ve been very pleased to see lots of visitors down at the boathouse, where we’ve been acting as a charity donation pick up point for Surviving Christmas throughout November and early December. In fact, contributions of provisions and Christmas treats continued to arrive at our boathouse right up to the point of collection by Surviving Christmas Chair, Susan Peck and volunteer Dee Wentworth . 

Susan and Dee for Surviving Christmas, pictured receiving the grovery contributions brought by well-wishers to the PLIRB boat house collection point, with Fiona (Chair), Stella (Treasurer) and Jo (Secretary) of the Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat committee.

Susan and Dee arrived around 11.15 on Sunday and by then, with the extra donations on the day, our provisions box was overflowing, For ease of handing it all over, the provisions were split across three hefty bags for life. Both Susan and Dee expressed how grateful everyone at Surviving Christmas is for the extra donations and would like to join us in thanking everybody who donated items.

Surviving Christmas is run by volunteers, who work to support individuals and families in need for a considerable period across the festive calendar – right through from the 16th to the 27th December. If you would like to know more about helping them, and particularly about offering your services as a volunteer, please do check the Surviving Christmas website.

Thanks again to trustees, committee, crew, visitors and friends who have contributed to make the Surviving Christmas charity donation pick up point at Pett Level such a success and we look forward to supporting the charity and the community in this way again next year.