As well as crew training last Sunday, 3rd June 2018, there was also a bit of work to do on the donations front.

Firstly, the donation box outside the Pett Level Inshore Rescue Boat was emptied …

Our base donation box, kindly built by students of Sussex Coast College, using materials donated by Sussex Handmade Bricks, Doleham and Parker Building Supplies, Ore.

Opening the donation box

Collecting the donations


Then there was a trip up to Fairlight Village to say thank you to the owners, Graeme and Leoni Gambrell as their recently emptied collection point has meant that a generous donation has been made to us.  Members of the crew and committee popped up to pay a visit and present them with a certificate of appreciation for their efforts.

Many thanks to staff and customers of Fairlight Stores, for their generous donations at the store’s collection point. From left, Jo Barry, David Martin, Leoni and Graeme Gambrell, Mark Hall, Steve Hill and Andy Cromton.

As an independent rescue service and charity, we do reply on donations to keep us afloat, so thank you to everyone who has donated directly into our collection point at base and at Fairlight Village stores, your generosity is much appreciated.