Another busy morning of training down at the base today! The boat house was given over to a wonderful crew of friendly and talented artists exhibiting work for sale in support of us – thanks so much to all of you for your support.

With the boat house being extra busy, this gave us a good chance to focus today’s training session on land rather than using the boat and launch vehicles. So radio and geographical co-ordinate and bearings practice were the ideal aspects for experienced crew members to support new trainees in learning.

From the base, two separate crew teams were dispatched across the Pett area with radios, in order to practice radio calls, responding to and reporting co-ordinates and in reporting conditions / geographical positions accurately so that locations can be identified even without specif co-ordinates (as can arise in rescue situations).

Trainee volunteers are all working hard to complete the training requirements needed to become fully fledged crew members and radio practice is a vital part of this. Many volunteers are also in the process of taking their formal marine radio course so today’s training also supports their progress in this.

We’ve also been finalising plans for next week’s gala Open Day, so please pop the date onto the calendar and come along to see us … you’re assured of a warm welcome, fun, games and entertainment and a display using both boats. See you then!