Our treasurer Stella’s been having a busy time counting up the income and outlay from August’s Open Day and we’re very happy to announce a final total of £1666.01!

This amount is amazing considering the absolutely awful weather conditions on the day, which meant that instead of being four hours long the overall event ended up being cut a little short, lasting just over two hours in all.

Huge thanks are due to all crew and friends-of volunteers who gave up a lot of time to prepare for and bring the event to life, as well as to those who braved the weather to come along support the event. Extra thanks are also offered to those who were unable to attend the event, but sent contributions instead.

All funds raised will be well used to help keep the Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat afloat over the coming year and to boost funds available for vital equipment and repairs.

Every and all support is much appreciated, thank you all so much! :thumb: