PLIRB and Rescue Services Attend Pett Level Incident

On Tuesday 14th July, Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat teams were called out following reports of a swimmer in difficulties just off the coast at Pett Level. At approximately 18:07, our teams were tasked to attend and prepare to launch. Rescue services colleagues... read more

Barb’s Charity Shed & The ‘New Normal’

For those who have been missing Barb’s Charity Shed for their charity shopping, there’s a little bit of good news. Barbara is now re-opening the Charity Shed on Sunday mornings. But, in the context of the ‘new normal’ there are a few things to... read more

Launching The PLIRB Charity Lottery Campaign

As many of our friends and supporters know, recent events mean we’ve had to expand our horizons when it comes to fundraising. And the exciting news is that we’re now onboard for online fundraising with The Weather Lottery. Why an online charity lottery? As... read more

PLIRB Search and Rescue for Missing Person

On Thursday 25th June, Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat teams were tasked to support HM Coastguards in a search and rescue incident. At approximately 11:15 am, our teams were  tasked by Solent Coastguard to launch and assist in the search for a person who was... read more

CV19 Update – All Events Cancelled

Despite the gentle easing of lockdown and the slow return to a different kind of ‘normal’, CV19 continues to have an impact.  Certainly the impact on public health and safety has been major and the ripple effect of the lockdown has been wide. From our own... read more

PLIRB in Multi-Agency Incident Response

On Saturday 16th May, the Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat team was tasked to support multiple agencies in an incident on the Pett Level coastline. Our teams were  tasked in response to an incident alongside other coastal rescue team colleagues at HM Coastguards and... read more

Support Our Charity with a Movement for Good Nomination?

At Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat, we’re well recognised for our work in helping and protecting our coastline communities.  But just for a change, throughout May, we’re asking for a bit of help from the community instead, with charity nomination or... read more

Community Volunteering During Covid-19

At Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat, our volunteers maintain an on-call service 24/7, ready to respond when tasked to issues along the coastline.  And although we haven’t been able to gather together as a group to carry out our other activities, such as... read more

Please Support Us with Free Online Charity Fundraising

It’s a week since we launched our #SofaSurfingShoppingChallenge, where we invited friends and supporters to help us with a bit of online charity fundraising. We’ve been asked for an update on how to get involved, so here’s some information which... read more

How lockdown shopping could help keep our rescue boat afloat

Coronavirus is bad news for everyone and we sincerely hope that everyone, including friends and supporters of our rescue boat and our local communities are doing OK, and keeping as safe and as healthy as possible over this difficult time. Although our rescue boat... read more

Sad News from Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat

It is with great sadness that we have to share that our President Lou Parsons, one of the founder members of Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat as an independent service and rescue charity, passed away on Thursday 19th March 2020. Lou was a formidable character who... read more

Support from the Community – Unexpected Charity Donations

Now, although we value all support and charity donations we receive equally, there are times when support comes along very unexpectedly and in a way that just blows us away. So this blog post is dedicated to Anonymous Antony … In the past week, we received the... read more

Open Day 2020

Yes, it’s come around again already and we’re super busy with preparations for our main charity fundraising event of the year … and of course, this year is a very special one for us!                                                                    ... read more

Support From The Community and Fairlight Stores

Graeme and Leonie Gambrell of Fairlight Stores are always ready to support our charity and, thanks to them, 2020 has kicked off with another donation. As we’ve shared previously, Graeme and Leonie are regular supporters of Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat as... read more

Support from the Community – Rother Police Property Fund

We value all charity support received from local community services and businesses, and on Sunday 2nd February 2020, we were delighted to have another visit from local Rother Police Community Support Officer Daryl Holter.     This isn’t the first time... read more

Sunday Training – A Big Beach Clean Up

As well as our usual training and maintenance of equipment last Sunday, the boat, base and beach crew volunteers were tasked with something else … a big beach clean up. Whether as a result of the tides, some beach-based fly-tipping, dumping of waste at sea or a... read more

Support from the Community – Asda St. Leonards – again!

We’ve enjoyed some fabulous support from Asda St. Leonards in 2019, which was rounded off with another invite to take our Tornado boat up to the shop on Saturday 7th December. Asda chose us as a local charity to support this year and have welcomed us to the shop... read more