We’ve been fortunate enough to have a beautiful day today, with excellent weather and sea conditions for some ‘Man Overboard’ training with our brand new resource, our ‘SeaSafe’ training dummy, currently known as ‘Bob’.

But this ‘dummy’ is actually no dummy, it’s a specially designed ‘body’ which has a level of buoyancy whilst also being around 40kg – simulating the weight of a clothed casualty in the water. We’re extremely lucky to have been able to purchase Bob thanks to recent donations and fundraising, and of course this type of training is vital for the crew, as it allows them to get used to:

  • Retrieving persons (conscious or otherwise) from the sea.
  • Manoeuvring the boat alongside a person in the sea, for safe retrieval.
  • Handling the casualty safely onto the boat and then onto the stretcher.

First though, it’s a case of getting the boat safely launched, particularly across the low tide beach, strewn with rocks and areas of sinking sand …

After a few drop offs and pick ups with Bob, it’s time to add stretcher training into the mix …

Then it’s all hands to the deck for dropping off Bob (and then retrieving him safely) …

Then, after a quick crew change it was time to do it all over again with another crew, so that all trainee crew would have an opportunity to rescue Bob and learn some of the techniques for this type of rescue.

To come … doing it all over again in less favourable weather conditions … so watch this space!