Exciting news! Local event company, Dynamic Conferences & Events Ltd, have launched a PLIRB fundraiser Dynamic Dragons and are busy raising the funds needed to take part in the 21st Annual Dragon Boat Festival at Bewl Water on 8th September 2018.

PLIRB crew member Jo Stapley, who also happens to work for Dynamic Events, shares that £2,000 has to be raised in advance so that the Dynamic Dragons can take part in the Dragon Boat Festival so now the race is on to get this money raised by 8th September!

Dynamic Conferences & Events Ltd have started their own fundraising efforts through pub quizzes and a car boot sale, and have very kindly promised to match-fund the amounts raised at these events. However, there’s a long way to go and we really need the help of Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat friends to get this exciting fundraiser afloat by meeting this £2,000 target. Online donations for the initial £2,000 can be found at the Dynamic Dragons Go Fund Me page, and we’ll be offering weekly updates between now and the big day to keep you all informed on how the fundraising’s going.

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The aim on the day is that a combined 16-strong crew from Dynamic Events and PLIRB will take part in the festival, which includes races and competitions. Yes, 16 in a boat sounds like a squash, and there’s bound to be plenty of splashing, but it’s certainly going to be a fun day and if the initial funds are successfully raised it holds the potential to be a great day out and lots of entertainment for anyone else who’s at the event.

All help to get this fundraiser underway would be gratefully received!