Although initially the sea was beautifully flat, weather conditions were a little on the grim side and the forecast offering high winds on the way, so today’s training was all about the base rather than out on the water. 

Trainee crew volunteers were split into two groups, one in the base and one in the boat. Each team then worked with an established crew member to learn all about the GPS system and how to use it. Co-ordinates were passed between both teams, as they leaned how to log, set and respond with clarity and precision, using the correct terminology, coordinates and the GPS system itself.

Radio and coordinates practice with the GPS and radio in boathouse.

Team A practice with GPS and the radio in the boathouse.

navigation, GPS, coordinates from PLIRB base

Whilst team B plot and plan coordinates in the base.










Of course, this is phase 1 of the training. For phase 2, the teams will be on-board and putting things into practice on the boat. Trainees will also need to take and pass their full radio course training in order to become full crew. It’s a long road from beginner to full crew, but an important one to get right in order to ensure we offer the best possible professional sea safety and rescue service.

If you’re interested in joining us as a volunteer, please call or message us. Or practice your navigation skills by coming to find us down at our base on a Sunday morning, to say hello and find out more!