Successful rubbish retrieval as Strandliners clean the beach. 

A very busy time at the boathouse today, helping with the big beach clean up at the Fairlight Berm. But it’s fair to say that Strandliners volunteers had already done the real work – an amazing job of sorting, recording and then bagging up the assorted debris, rubbish and pollution stuck at the berm area of Fairlight Cove.

50+ Strandliners volunteers have been extremely busy with this over the last few weeks, putting in over 150 hours of volunteer time in the process …

beach cleanup 2020

Strandliners volunteers came to Pett Level to assist bringing the bags up from the boat and to raise public awareness about the extent of the pollution problem.

volunteers time at beach clean up

Strandliners showed examples of pollution and rubbish to look out for, and shared data on their finds.

As removal of the bagged up rubbish is only possible by boat, both our inshore rescue boats were launched.  With the backdrop of a dramatic sky, the crews made several trips to and fro between Fairlight Cove and Pett Level.
In all, the bulk of the rubbish was all safely retrieved over a period of approximately 2 hours, with a combined group of PLIRB and Strandliners volunteers carrying the rubbish up the beach to Pett Slip, ready for collection by Rother District Council next week.


PLIRB volunteers assisting beach clean up 2021

Transporting the rubbish by boat is the only way to remove the pollution from the berm area of the Fairlight Cove.

plenty of volunteers came along to help clean the beach

Volunteer support to bring the rubbish up the beach for removal by council services was essential!

volunteers collaborated to clean the beach

Find out more about local beach clean up operations

Although StrandlinersCIC were able to share some of the info about this beach clean up on the day, there is pleny more information to come once the data has been collated and reviewed.

Andy Dinsdale of Strandliners is hoping to give a presentation of the full findings about the impact of pollution in the local area soon. Please do visit the EVENTS section of the Strandliners website to find out about this. Their poster (below) also has details on how to get involved …

Strandliners CIC beach cleaning 2021

Thanks to all our volunteers for their hard work today and a huge well done on such an amazing beach cleaning job to Strandliners.

Whilst you’re here …

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Thank you so much, from the volunteers at Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat.