So the #2nd session of casualty retrieval training involved finding casualty who had been reported as sitting injured on the beach around the area opposite Pett Pools.

Beach injuries are surprisingly common: the beach presents plenty of trip hazards as well as a shifting shingle surface – and that’s before you even get as far as areas of sinking sand and unpredictable waves and tide movement! However, it’s also an area of great fun and as long as prudence prevails, tide times are researched in advance of a visit, weather conditions noted and warning signs recognised and understood, there’s no reason not to enjoy the beach safely: inform yourself and prepare yourself and a beach visit should be fun!

However, for our hapless victim casualty John, for training purposes he had tripped on a beach hazard and sustained an injured arm, so it was down to the crew to find his location, assess his injury and administer first aid and to bring him back to the safety of the base where, in a real casualty situation, an ambulance would be waiting to remove him to hospital.