Sainsbury’s Station Plaza, Local Charity of the Year 2018-19

August 2018 saw visit from representatives of one of the local branches of Sainsbury’s and big news: Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat has been chosen by Sainsbury’s Station Plaza branch as their local charity for 2018-19.

Our visitors came to explore what Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat is all about, including what we do ~ and how we do it.  And the reason behind it all? Our visitors really wanted to see what goes on and why fundraising is so important to us because they’re now supporting us as part of Sainsbury’s  Local Charity of The Year, to help out with our Reserve Launch Vehicle Fundraiser.

The timing of the tide during the visit meant that the recent exceptionally low tides at training time gave way to a fast-incoming tide which was particularly rocking and rolling when it came to getting the boat in and out (not to mention the crew during crew changes)!

As usual, the tractor (and Kev) played a vital role in getting the boat launched and gave our guests the chance to see why it is essential that there is always a working recovery vehicle when it comes to getting the boat safely up and down the shingle ridge to the shore.

After a morning spent with base and boat crews, committee members and trustees, our new friends from Sainsbury’s Station Plaza announced they’re fully on board with trying to help us raise the £12,000 needed for our Reserve Launch Vehicle fundraiser.

This huge amount includes the purchase of a new-to-us recovery vehicle which then needs to be refitted and customised to suit working on the beach in general and the demands of working on the beach here specifically.

Without the help of Sainsbury’s it would be an impossible task for us to achieve this, so we’re really looking forward to having this extra help just when we need it most. Along with our own GoFundMe page for this project, we really hope to achieve this grand (or rather, twelve grand) total very soon.

Please keep visiting us and watch this page of fundraising events and updates from the Sainsbury’s crew.

Update: Saturday 20th October 2018 was Regional Fundraising Day for Sainsbury’s, as part of their campaign to support local charities. So, we were invited along to the store to set up a stall and put a bit of fun into local fundraising! More details and photographs in our blog post on the event.

£65 was raised on the day, plus another £200 which Sainsbury’s have already collected in the donation boxes they’ve had for us since jumping on board in August, to help us raise funds for our reserve launch vehicle.

Thanks to Sainsbury’s for a great morning and for all their help. More updates and events soon.