Thanks to Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club

We had a great evening with the Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club during the week. We were kindly invited to the Rother Chapter’s AGM at the Robin Hood in Icklesham, on 14th November 2018 to receive a donation from their fundraising efforts.

The presentation of a cheque for £600 was made at the start of the meeting, and was gratefully received by John Brooker. John gave a short talk, to pass on our thanks for this great donation and to share news on how this money will be used – for our Reserve Launch Vehicle fund.

With a group who are clearly mechanically minded, it was great to be able to share some of the details about the mechanical spec of the launch vehicle in its current state, and the extent of the mechanical and engineering works which need to be carried out in order to transform the vehicle into something more fit for our purpose. John gave a good outline of the planned works and of how the money will help towards this.

Sincere thanks to the TOMCC Rother Chapter, from all of the PLIRB team, both for inviting us and for your fundraising efforts on our behalf. Your donation is much appreciated and will be well spent, thank you.






Smile! You can now support us (at no cost to you) through Amazon

Good news this week! As a charity, we’re now fully signed up members of Amazon Smile, so any purchases made which include us as the nominated charity will mean Amazon make a donation to us.

Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat Assn.

A full how-to page is coming soon in our Fundraising section, but in the meantime, please do have a go via Smile.Amazon.

Our charity account is detailed as Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat Assn.  This title is important, even down to the full-stop at the end of Assn. because without this you won’t find us when trying to set us as your nominated charity for donations.

This fund-raising method is great for all of us because it doesn’t cost you anything – it’s Amazon who make the donation out of the purchase price of eligible purchases.

So if you’re going to be doing your Black Friday or Christmas shopping on Amazon, please do think of us!

Sainsbury’s Station Plaza putting *fun* into fundraising

Saturday 20th October 2018 was Regional Fundraising Day for Sainsbury’s, as part of their campaign to support local charities. And as Pett Level Independent Boat is the chosen charity for Sainsbury’s at Station Plaza, Hastings, we were invited along to the store to set up a stall and put a bit of fun into local fundraising!


Our mannequin has been in the store for a couple of months now, fully kitted out with suit and lifejacket, to help publicise Sainsbury’s support of the PLIRB.


As well as this, for Saturday’s event a gentle tide of crew members came and went across the day, running our stall set up in-store and offering information, freebies such as pens, pencils and key rings and some of our lovely calendars for sale. In this particular photo we have three Johns at the helm of the stall!

Collection boxes for donations were of course also available. A final count-up of the box on our stall revealed a £65 generously donated by people who stopped to chat to us and take an interest in our work.

Meanwhile, our friends at Sainsbury’s have shared that their own efforts so far with the collection boxes and staff events have raised just over £200 – that’s already 10% of their overall target for us, all of which is destined towards our recovery vehicle refurbishment fund.

We truly appreciate the support of the Sainsbury’s. As we’re a small local charity and an independent rescue boat, we are funded through our own fundraising and through our supporters, so the support from Sainsbury’s is really is making a difference. They’ll be sending through a few of their own photos from the day soon too, so please look in our gallery for these soon.

And a big thank you too, to everyone who stopped by to say hello and to those who made donations.

Oh, and please keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook … we’ve got some big news coming up about how you can help us to raise money, but without spending anything extra yourself!

Open Day Cash Up … the final number!

Our treasurer Stella’s been having a busy time counting up the income and outlay from August’s Open Day and we’re very happy to announce a final total of £1666.01!

This amount is amazing considering the absolutely awful weather conditions on the day, which meant that instead of being four hours long the overall event ended up being cut a little short, lasting just over two hours in all.

Huge thanks are due to all crew and friends-of volunteers who gave up a lot of time to prepare for and bring the event to life, as well as to those who braved the weather to come along support the event. Extra thanks are also offered to those who were unable to attend the event, but sent contributions instead.

All funds raised will be well used to help keep the Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat afloat over the coming year and to boost funds available for vital equipment and repairs.

Every and all support is much appreciated, thank you all so much! :thumb:

Open Day … Wet & Windy but Not a Wash Out!

Well, the bank holiday weekend just flew by – quite literally with gusts of up to 40 mph around the coast! And with it came our Open Day on Sunday 26th August 2018.

It has to be said that our volunteers, guests and supporters were amazing, all coming along to make the day special despite the best efforts of the weather to wash us all away! You could tell how the weather was shaping up from 8.30 a.m. when our on-the-day preparations began …

Special thanks for entertainment go to Hall and Blokes who managed to keep things lively with some great musical entertainment, and to Rye Town Crier Paul Goring for coming along, adding his voice to the event and drawing the grand raffle for us.

The raffle included gifts and donations from many of our supporters. Overall, there are far too many people to thank for the day than there’s space here, so please take a peep at our Thank You board which was out on the day (tied securely to the railings, so the wind couldn’t remove it).

Our Sponsors and Donors page is currently under construction and will offer a full list of local businesses and individuals who are helping to keep us afloat – link to be added shortly.

There’s now also a gallery page dedicated to Open Day – click here if you’d like to see more images of the event (and the rain)!

We haven’t finished all of the accounts for the day yet, but a preliminary count-up indicates that we’ve managed to achieve over £1,000 in funds raised, which is amazing considering the weather conditions. We really couldn’t have done it without all of the support we’ve received ~ thank you all very much!

And of course as the count up ends, the count down to next year begins.

Watch this space for further updates and a huge thank you once again to everyone who’s helping to support us as we support the coastal community and its visitors.

Oyez! Oyez! Open Day update …

Not long now until our Gala Open Day on 26th August 2018. We’ll be open from 12 noon to 4 pm on the day, with stalls, entertainments, events and a display by boat crews at 1 pm. Look, we’ve already got the banners out …

Some of the entertainment will be provided by Hall and Blokes Ukulele band and we’ve just had news that Rye Town Crier, Paul Goring, is hoping to make a guest appearance during the afternoon.

Everyone involved in the Pett Level Rescue Boat is working hard to help with preparations and you can help too by letting your friends and family know about the event and by coming along to support us. We’re an independent rescue boat and meet our own costs through constant fundraising, so all support is appreciated. We’re down at the boathouse every Sunday morning and any donations of tombola prizes – particularly bottles – are still being gratefully received.

Keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page for further updates but in the meantime, we’re looking forward to seeing you on the day!